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HAZY LEAF is Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary!! 


We Offer a Full Line of Medical Cannabis Products.

No matter how you medicate… we can help!



Cannabis flower is the most familiar and versatile product on the market. Available in different strains and hybrids. It can be smoked, vaporized or infused in other products.



Concentrates (extracts) come in various textures and consistencies. They are valued for their versatility and high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.



Edibles, from baked goods to beverages, are a popular way to consume cannabis for those who don’t wish to smoke or vaporize flower or concentrates.



A lotion or ointment that is applied directly to a part of the body. Topicals are used for fast-acting, localized relief of inflammation, soreness and pain.


The Hazy Leaf creators are made up of a group of dedicated and passionate people who all came together with one vision in mind: To bring you the best marijuana dispensary experience possible. With years of combined experience, these individuals bring strength, sophistication, and knowledge to the industry.

Separately, they are each gaining a leader status of their own cannabis communities. They have immersed themselves in the industry, learning the ebbs and flows during the current medical era in preparation for the recreational market. 

Their expertise in retail, technology, business management & business development and understanding Oklahoma dispensary laws, and delegating distribution set them all apart as individuals, and together, it’s magic.

They all work together to bring years of knowledge and experience to an industry that demands truth, transparency, and quality. Hazy Leaf is here to strengthen the industry and to bring joy to the community with premium products for all types of Cannabis enthusiasts.

The Hazy Leaf cannabis dispensary is designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready for a fun time! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is passionate about creating that experience for you. Our wide selection consists of the highest quality cannabis products in Oklahoma City.

Need Your Medical Card?

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A medical clinic will be on site from 6pm-8pm  every Wednesday assisting with your medical marijuana recommendations. Sign up today to get your medical card! Email us at ShopHazyLeaf@gmail.com to set up an appt.

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I was very impressed by this dispensary!The staff is very helpful and welcoming. The place is very clean and has a great selection!


Had a good experience checking this place out. Good people, I thought the prices were great and enjoyed the atmosphere. They had a good selection of CBD products and a wide selection over all. I would definitely recommend you check this place out. Talking to the owners they said they even plan to expand their assortment, so excited to see where they go


Checked this spot out today and was very impressed. Great products and service. I highly recommend you check them out. So proud of my Family and looking forward to supporting them.

Yvette P.

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