We all have had to sit through an uncomfortable Thanksgiving with those people you’re obligated to see every year.  Why not enjoy the Holiday with your friends at Hazy Leaf instead? For only $12 per person we’ll have a feast of traditional Thanksgiving foods ready for you in our 420 friendly environment! Games, Giveaways and tasty “treats”.

You must be over 21 to attend as there will be a Cash bar available. 


Patient Drive

Reserve your spot at one of our patient drives. Get your recommendation today.

Every Wednesday 5:30 to 8:00 PM Hazy Leaf is proud to partner with Total Healthcare for patient recommendations and assistance with the application process. Our friendly staff are here to answer your questions, both medical and technical. 

Costs Include:

  • $60 for your appointment with the Doctor
  • $40 for Total Health to process
  • $25 to Oklahoma MMA For Medicare, Soonercare, or Medicaid – OR –
  • $105 for No Insurance or Private Health Insurance

We frequently are able to do Patient Recs on some Saturdays as well!  Please call at 405-900-5526 to reserve your spot – or with questions.

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